The Poorboy's Tyre and Trim Kit combines the best of Poorboy's dressings for leather, vinyl, and rubber, plus the highly versatile All Purpose Cleaner! Remove dressing build up with APC and apply an attractive protective coating to interior and exterior surfaces.

The kit includes:

4 oz. Poorboy’s Bio-Degradable All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

Poorboy’s APC can be used on leather, vinyl, rubber, carpet, cloth, engine compartments, white walls, raised letters, and more. It will not dry out leather like an ammonia cleaner, and it is a low-suds formula so it will not make surfaces soapy or stiff. Use it on cloth seats to remove most stains or on vinyl door panels to remove scuff marks. Wipe down your engine compartment with Poorboy’s APC to remove grease and oil. It will brighten white walls, clean brake dust, and remove grime from tyres. It is a very versatile cleaner.

4 oz. Poorboy's Bold N Bright Tyre Dressing

Poorboy's Bold N Bright Tyre Dressing is a two-in-one tyre cleaner/dressing that yields stunning results. With a single application you can clean your tyres, and arrive at a glossy sheen to compliment the rest of your car. Poorboy's Bold N Bright Tyre Dressing is water-based and non-oily. It leaves a clean, satin finish.

4 oz. Poorboy's Natural Look Dressing

Natural Look Dressing is a non-toxic, tri-action lotion performing cleaning, protecting and beautifying duties in one easy step. Wipe away all traces of dirt and grime that flaws your leather and synthetic surfaces. At the same time you’re cleaning, a patented UV absorber in Natural Look Dressing penetrates and acts as a barrier to the harmful rays that cause premature aging, cracking, fading and peeling. Natural Look Dressing is formulated to soak into dry, brittle leather and vinyl and convert them into healthy, hydrated surfaces with a low-gloss finish, but completely dry to the touch.

4 oz. Poorboy's World Trim Restorer

Poorboy’s Trim Restorer – Use on vinyl, leather, plastics and rubber, reviving them and returning these surfaces to their original beauty. Poorboy’s Trim Restorer contains a patented UV absorber that gives protection to your tyres; bumpers, interior and exterior trim without a greasy or tacky finish. All surfaces will be dry to the touch, with a deep, lustrous appearance.

The Poorboy's World Tyre and Trim Kit contains 4 oz. bottles of these exceptional products. If you like the ease of use and excellent results, get all four products in larger sizes here at Motorgeek.

Kit includes:

4 oz. Bio-Degradable All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

4 oz. Bold N Bright Tire Dressing

4 oz. Natural Look Dressing

4 oz. Trim Restorer

Poorboy's World Tyre & Trim Sample Kit #2


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