The Poorboy's World Clean & Protect Kit cleans, shines, and protects your vehicle with four of Poorboy's most popular car care products. The kit includes 4 oz. sample sizes. Try out the products or use the kit for car maintenance on the go. The Poorboy's World Clean & Protect Kit is the perfect wash-n-wax kit for vehicles in good shape.

The Poorboy's World Clean & Protect Kit includes:

4 oz. Poorboy's World Super Slick & Suds Car Wash

This very concentrated auto wash is potent yet gentle when it comes to removing dirt, oil, road grit and grime. Modern technology has combined natural, gentle, effective cleaners to create a non-toxic, biodegradable, pH-balanced car wash concentrate. The cleaning principles have been combined with oils that encapsulate each dirt particle, eliminating the chance of swirl or scratch contamination.

4 oz. Poorboy's World Polish with Sealant

Poorboy's Polish with Sealant gives you the protection and polishing power of a premium all-in-one product without the tough buffing or the price! Remove minor paint imperfections, enhance gloss, and apply a durable layer of polymer protection in the time it takes to apply a coat of wax. Poorboys Polish with Sealant works as a light swirl remover and polish when applied by machine. Swirls, fine scratches, and haze will disappear to reveal clean, smooth paint. Used by hand, Poorboys Polish with Sealant works as a glaze, removing lighter imperfections and enhancing gloss.

4 oz. Poorboy's World Bold N Bright Tyre Dressing

Poorboy's World Bold N Bright Tyre Dressing is a two-in-one tyre cleaner/dressing that yields stunning results. With a single application you can clean your tyres,and arrive at a glossy sheen to compliment the rest of your car. Poorboy's World Bold N Bright Tyre Dressing is water-based and non-oily. It leaves a clean, satin finish.

4 oz. Poorboy's World Spray & Gloss Quick Detailer

Spray & Gloss is a quick detailer with superior gloss enhancing properties. You’ll find the formula is very slick, which allows gritty particles to slide off without scratching your paint. Dust, dirt, fingerprints, and smudges wipe off instantly to uncover a just-waxed shine. The formula contains impressive gloss enhancing agents that really turn up your shine and improve the brightness and clarity of your paint.

The Poorboy's World Clean & Protect Kit is great for car show prep! The products leave a terrific finish. If you're impressed with the results you achieve we stock larger sizes of each product.

Kit includes:

4 oz. Super Slick & Suds Car Wash

4 oz. Polish with Sealant

4 oz. Bold N Bright Tire Dressing

4 oz. Spray & Gloss Quick Detail

Poorboy's World Clean and Protect Sample Kit #3


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