Dodo Juice PURPLE HAZE Car Wax - A Soft Car Wax for Dark Cars

One of Dodo Juice's best selling car waxes, Purple Haze is a soft car wax that is specifically designed for dark coloured cars. 

In addition to carnauba wax, Dodo Juice Purple Haze contains Montan wax. This extremely dark wax makes it great for enhancing the paintwork of dark coloured cars including metallics and pearlescents. Purple Haze also works well on lighter coloured cars and the dark colour helps you see which bits you've already waxed!

As well as protecting your car, Purple Haze wax dries to an incredibly deep shine. Flavoured with lavender, it smells great too!

Dodo Juice Purple Haze wax is available as a 30ml or 250ml pot.

The 30ml trial pot is plenty enough to protect two cars. Used sparingly, you can wax up to four cars.

Size: 30ml or 250ml

Dodo Juice Purple Haze - Soft Car Wax for Dark Cars 250 mls


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