Mellow and Yellow by name, Mellow and Yellow by Nature

Dodo Juice's Mellow Yellow Wheel Cleaner is a gentle yet powerful high performance wheel cleaner that gets rid of stubborn brake dust without worrying your alloy wheels. The high-foaming formula gives a good dwell time whilst increasing the effectiveness of the cleaner.

The trick to a good wheel cleaner is getting the balance right - it needs to be strong yet gentle. Mellow Yellow uses a careful blend of acids that selectively target ferrous brake dust deposits, rather than eating away at the alloy, stainless, powder-coated or painted finish of your wheels.

Dodo Juice Mellow Yellow is safe for use on most wheel types including painted and powder-coated finishes, as well as bare metal.


Spray onto a soiled wheel and work into the recesses and crease lines with a brush. (We recommened the EZ Detail brush for any tight spaces). A longer dwell time and repeat application may be necessary if the deposits are particularly stubborn. Rinse surface thoroughly with water afterwards, then dry wheel with a soft microfibre cloth

Size: 500ml

Dodo Juice Mellow Yellow - Advanced Wheel Cleaner


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