Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol Glass Cleaner

If you crave minty clean windows then Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol is for you! Many glass cleaners are typically either based on vinegar and water, or alcohol and water. Dodo Juice found alcohol-based recipes tended to smear less and are easier to use - so thats what they made.

The result is Dodo's Clearly Menthol - a minty mouthwash coloured glass cleaner spray that cleans glass and leaves a clear, residue-free finish. It's perfect for removing unsightly marks on your windscreen caused by dead flies and water spots.

This glass cleaner can be also used over durable glass sealants.

- Safe for use over glass sealants

- Minty Mouthwash Colour

- Smear free and highly effective.

- Cleans glass and leaves a sparkling, residue-free finish. 

Size: 500ml

Dodo Juice Clearly Menthol Glass Cleaner 500ml


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