Recommended Valeter for Kidderminister

R M Valeters Ltd would love to have appointments available every time that suited your needs, but sometimes we are unable to book you in when you need us the most, so to save you the time and trouble in looking for a quality valeter in your area, we have teamed up with 70-30 Valeting & Detailing owned and operated by Mr Jeremy Downs.

                   To see some examples of 70-30 Valeting & Detailing work Please follow us on Facebook using the following link:                                      or check out our website                   

                                                                                  Contact: Jeremy Downs


                                         Kidderminister and surrounding areas

                        For a full list of areas covered, please call the below number                                

                                                        0771 215 5924

                    To book an appointment with Jeremy or to just inquire about price's,

                                               please call the number above  


Customer Testimonials

Edward Hill reviewed 70-30 Valeting & Detailing – 5 star

30 March 2018 · 

I've used 70-30 Detailing for a while as we drive a lot of motorway miles, and all i can say is excellent. The detailing work is just that, very detailed and no expense is spared. The interior was like new once i got my car back, in fact, potentially cleaner than when i got the car!


Jake Chilton reviewed 70-30 Valeting & Detailing – 5 star

19 May 2018 · 

Excellent, fast service. Knowledgeable and reasonably priced.